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Check step by step how to make a transfer with Ferpay

* The presented guide was based on the Transfer Standard.

With Ferpay you can transfer money from UK to Poland. Ferpay also offers transfers from UK and Poland to the entire EU and many other countries across the world.

1. Go to login panel.

In login panel please enter your ID number or e-mail address and the password. You can also log into Ferpay account using your Facebook or Google+ profiles.

2. Transaction panel in Ferpay service (Step 1)

When you log into Ferpay system you will be immediately directed to TRANSACTION PANEL, in which transfer parameters such as currencies, amounts and transfer type can be set up.

After you set up your transfer parameters click TRANSFER MONEY.

3. The recipient‘s data form (Step 2)

After you click TRANSFER MONEY a form will show up, in which you will need to fill in information about the recipient of transfer. Please fill in all the recipient’s fields and enter the phone number to which the transfer confirmation should be texted.

Additionally under the form you can check whether all the transfer parameters are correct.

  • an amount that will be taken from your account (including the transfer fee)
  • an amount that will be received by your recipient in a currency specified by you
  • information about the exchange rate
  • a type of service you have selected (e.g. Transfer Standard or Postal Remittance)
  • timeframe for the service completion
  • the amount of points applied in the Partnership Programme
  • payment options available in Ferpay system

After filling in all the data please click CONFIRM DATA and proceed.

4. Confirmation of your transfer details (Step 3)

Check whether all the transfer details are correct. If you would like to amend any information please click AMEND.

  • your recipient’s name
  • your recipient’s account number
  • your transfer’s title
  • a phone number to forward the transfer confirmation

If all your transfer data is correct please click CONFIRM and proceed to the next step.

5. Funds deposit – payment card (Step 4)

After CONFIRMING all your transfer details you will proceed to the funds deposit form. There are two options to execute the order.

  • a payment by debit card
  • a payment by an online transfer

If you wish to make a payment by card all you need to do is to fill in the form located in the bookmark Payment card where:

  • you type your card number
  • you select the card expiration date
  • you correctly fill in the field CVV/CVV2

In this step you will find your transaction’s summary. Click pay and you will be automatically directed to the summary page of your transaction or to the 3D Secure* website which secures online payments by cards (if your card has this additional security activated).

* What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is an additional security for online payments introduced by payment organisations: Visa International (Verified by Visa), MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode) and banks.

Owners of cards with active 3D Secure are asked to type the password, if the bank that issued the card asks for it.

If it’s the first time you pay by card with the option 3D Secure your bank will ask you to fill in additional information and set up a new password you will be asked for in the future.

If you have forgotten your password click on „Forgot your Password“ and then fill the relevant fields to create a new password.

If your card does not have activated 3D Secure please contact with your Bank i  and ask about activation this security (service 3D Secure is free of charge).

Remember that 3D Secure is additional security system which protect your money without any extra charges.

6. Funds deposit – a transfer onto the account (Step 4)

To make a payment via bank transfer go to the bookmark Transfer onto Ferpay account.

  • For transfers from the UK to Poland you select
    PTransfer onto Fepay account UK
  • For transfers from Poland to the UK you select
    Transfer onto Ferpay account PL

Then visit your bank and make a transfer onto Ferpay account using the given data for the transfer:

  • enter the transfer title provided by Ferpay system, e.g. here we have FP20000400181
  • use the given sort code
  • enter the account number to which the money is transferred

When you done transfer onto Ferpay account return to the Client panel and confirm the transfer by clicking Confirm transaction

Transfers with Ferpay are extremely easy, aren’t they?
Don’t wait and check how it works!

Transfer money with Ferpay